Great article about drinking more water

Sep 11 2016

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is overwhelming. It’s no surprise your head can start spinning after reading just a few articles about what it takes to live a healthy life. Unfortunately, this change can be so overwhelming you might either give up, or not begin any changes at all.

The good news is you don’t have to make every change immediately. When I struggle because I’m overwhelmed by something, I find the best response is to break the big project into small chunks. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is no different.

When you break down this big goal into smaller pieces, you’ll create new habits over time. When your changes become habitual, your mind can stop thinking about them and you’ll be ready to move on to something new. The biggest thing you can do for your health is to actually start just one change. What is one thing that you can start today? What is something you don’t need to plan ahead to implement? What is a first step that will make a big impact, but cost you nothing? What could you do right now that might even save you money immediately?

Drink more water!

The one thing you can start today for your health is drinking more water. Most people don’t drink enough water and exist in a constant state of dehydration. Many of the symptoms of dehydration make you feel crummy and further the cycle of unhealthy choices. When you are properly hydrated, you will feel better and will enjoy more energy, better skin, regular digestion and fewer headaches and cramps. Just image what you could do with more energy and fewer aches!

Any change can bring challenges and obstacles. When you have a plan to address potential challenges, you will have a better shot at overcoming them. Here are two common challenges for which you can prepare.

1 – When you first increase water consumption, you will likely experience a drastic increase in the amount of time you spend in the restroom. For many, this scares them away from drinking more water. However, stick with your new change and soon your body will begin to equalize and things will calm down.

2 – If you aren’t used to drinking water, you may find the taste boring or unpleasant. This might even be the reason you don’t drink a lot of water right now. If this rings true for you, find ways to get around it. Squeezing citrus like oranges, lemons or limes into your water can add flavor without the added “junk” you don’t need. Play around with different options for naturally adding flavor until you find something you like.

When you commit to this one healthy lifestyle change, you avoid becoming overwhelmed. Concentrate on this one behavior and be consistent with it until it becomes a habit. When you begin to crave water, miss it when it’s gone or drink it without thinking about it, you’ll know it is part of your new healthy lifestyle and you’ll be ready to add something else.

Do this one thing today. Feel better tomorrow. Make a healthy choice to drink more water. Do this, and success can be yours!

Sheila Ray is a resident of Waxahachie and owner of Reforming U Fitness Studio.  Sheila provides personal and group fitness training, as well as motivation and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle.  Want tips and motivation for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight?