multi-stage refiners

Kleen water for better living.

The Aquakleen Multi Stage Refiners brings clean, soft water to every outlet in your home, making your skin smoother, laundry brighter and your appliances last longer.

Aquakleen Multi-Stage Refiners lets you enjoy Aquakleen’s State-Of-The-Art water refinement and all of its benefits in your home.

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Enjoy an abundant supply of clean, clear, great tasting water at your fingertips

Considered among the great technological breakthroughs of this century, Reverse Osmosis processes water at the molecular level. Treatment by Reverse Osmosis represents a big step above filters of any type. You can feel confident that the full spectrum of impurities are removed including those excess dissolved salts. That’s why major bottled water companies use it.

We have combined this fantastic Reverse Osmosis process with other quality components to create a compact drinking water appliance that fits neatly under your kitchen sink..

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