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Your water may look pure and refreshing, but the truth is it may contain many chemicals and impurities.

Pure water that falls as rain or snow collects many impurities before it splashes to earth. As it falls, it collects dirt, dust and other pollutants present in the atmosphere. As it seeps into the ground, it picks up additional contaminants including calcium, magnesium, iron, and other minerals, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, industrial solvents, animal waste, and whatever else is present in its path will also be absorbed.

It is water that tastes bad. Water that damages pipes, leaves ugly scum rings on tubs and sinks, and covers dishes, glassware and silverware with dull spots while it decreases the useful life of water heaters, plumbing, cookware, dishwashers, garbage disposals and washing machines. It is water that clogs your pores and sometimes causes allergic rashes. According to the Water Quality Research Council, it’s water that costs American families an estimated $6.3 billion a year.

Aquakleen is a water treatment system that refines, softens, neutralizes, clarifies, and filters every drop of water before it enters your home. The result is the water you bathe in, drink, and cook with, is as clean, clear, and odor-free as nature intended.

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  • I’m very pleased with our new Aquakleen system. Our drinking water tastes better than bottled water and showering with soft water feels amazing! Thank you Aquakleen!

    Sara Villaseñor
    Atlanta, GA
  • We have it and we love it thank you thank you thank you for your business

    Diego Lopez
    Port Lavaca
  • Great company. Great products. I highly recommend.

    Carlos Alonso
    Acapulco de Juárez, México
  • I couldn’t be happier with the job you did on my water system. It works great. Thank you for your great service and I will continue to refer friends and family to you all.

    Dottie Newman
    Phoenix, AZ
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